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WebWay Live Events

Thursday, September 10, 2015 | Comments (0)

Once again WebWay are bringing the security industry together at a series of events between September & October across UK and Ireland. Learn how to connect your alarm systems to the internet with WebWay to benefit from new online tools for installers. With presentations & demos in the morning and technical training in the afternoon, the events are aimed at anyone new to WebWay and wanting installs to become more efficient, but also for existing customers wanting an update on new products and a scrub up on training.    

Representatives from ARCs and Panel Manufacturers will be exhibiting providing you with all sections of the supply chain in one place. Speak to experts from panel manufacturers and find out more about the integrations between all the leading panels and the WebWay devices.    

Our new range of products are more powerful, efficient and feature packed than ever before with a roaming 3G SIM as standard and access to the largest panel integration library for SIA signalling & UDL.

Choose between Pro, Mini and Nano hardware formats, for enterprise, business and home installations. Our systems use the best technology, are designed to the latest standards and are proven in thousands of implementations. 

Dates and Locations


22nd Sept - Cork - The Blarney Hotel & Golf Resort

23rd Sept - Dublin - Dublin Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links 

24th Sept - Lisburn - Temple Golf & Country Club 


14th Oct - Manchester - Worsley Park Marriott Hotel 

22nd Oct - Bristol - The Bristol Golf Club  

Details of each event are available online at 

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