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Remote Management Tools Available from EMCS

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | Comments (0)

We know that many of our Installer partners have closed their offices in line with Government guidelines, so thought it pertinent to remind you that we have free secure web services available for your team’s use should they be working remotely and require access to your monitored estate.

The use of these services will also assist with easing traffic into EMCS enabling us to support you more efficiently as we move forward in this situation with what we anticipate is likely to stretch resources: -

SmarTest: Designed for use by Engineers in the field, this service can be accessed via smartphone and allows users to do the following:

  • Put systems on and off test
  • Check activity logs
  • Issue Remote Resets
  • View live CCTV footage
  • Review but not amend Key-holder details
  • Perform remote commands (subject to device in use)

NetPort: Designed for use by those carrying our admin functions, maintaining data records or those responsible for reviewing activity logs, false alarm management and or running reports

  • Put systems on and off test
  • Check activity logs
  • Issue Remote Resets
  • Check and review CCTV Footage
  • Add/amend Key-holders and their availability
  • Add amend passwords
  • Add/amend site telephone numbers
  • Check Pins & event response plans
  • Review Special actions
  • Run reports

Enduser SmarTest: Designed for end-users, this service can be accessed via smartphone and allows users to do the following:

  • Put Fire & CCTV systems on and off test
  • Check activity logs
  • View live CCTV footage
  • Review but not amend Key-holder details

All of these systems are; fully secure as they are accessed via websites akin to online banking services, available 24/7, provide live instantaneous access so all updates are made in real time.

We are able to deliver training remotely via the free online video conferencing facility Zoom for any of these services. If you would like more info or want to get your team set-up please contact our sales department via email: - or by telephone on: - 0800 716 179.

COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | Comments (0)
Further to our correspondence last week we wanted to write to update you on our position regarding the escalating situation surrounding COVID-19 outbreak.

Our focus remains on keeping our staff safe and well and as a business we have of course taken all appropriate action to ensure this. The team have responded extremely well to all of the changes we have implemented to their working environment to date and we are very proud of the resilience they are showing in what are very challenging times for all. Their dedication is to be applauded.

Our collective and primary priority is however, of course, to ensure that EMCS can continue to deliver the vital function of protecting the people and property of our mutual end-users.

As this situation unfolds and our resources are further stretched, we will obviously need to ensure that we can sustain service levels and this will mean we have to be agile in our approach to prioritising alarms in order to achieve this effectively. With this in mind and in addition to the cross skilling and restructuring measures we have put the following additional provisions in place across the organisation:

Admin Processing Thresholds: A decision has been made to remove the time thresholds from our ordering and edit requests directed to our admin department; we have already seen a surge in inbound activity and whilst we are managing to honour the same working day completion promise we provide standardly, we will naturally need to reprioritise this as this situation progresses. We therefore ask that you remain patient as there may be some delays in processing requests further along the line.

Automation on Lower priority Alarms: We have been working with our software provider to enable the capability to distribute lower priority alarm handling via our automated services, where appropriate, should we need to. These notifications will be sent by way of SMS Text notifications or email where possible, the alarm events that we anticipate this service could apply to are: - AC Power Fail, Battery Fail, BT Link Down, BT Link OK, Fault Alarms, Mains Failure, Low Battery, Low RF Battery, Panel Fault, Power Loss, PSTN Low Voltage and System Trouble.

The use of the automated services will enable our team to respond to the increasing pressures we anticipate ahead and allow focus to remain on escalating the higher priority alarms such as: Fire, Personal Attack, Confirmed Intruder, CCTV, Audio/Visual Intruder, Environmental, Medical, Lone Worker alarms.

Of course best endeavours will be made to provide a personal escalation for ALL alarms however these are extreme times and we are sure that you will appreciate this is a necessary and responsible provision to have in place as we see out the next few weeks and all that we anticipate this may bring.

Message Handling Services: Regrettably EMCS is unable to provide any additional Message Handling Services at present; we will however honour the out-of-hours cover-line facilities we are already currently committed to.

Remote Working: Outside of our core operation we have a number of support staff currently working remotely from home ensuring that we can continue to support you in other areas of the business. This number will no doubt increase as and when we finalise arrangement to enable this. Obviously this temporary set-up may impact on work flow and responses times as staff will be utilising remote access facilities which naturally can operate at lower processing speeds, people may also be cross-skilling so may take a little longer to process your request so we ask that you bear that in mind when corresponding with our team.

We thank you for your support, patience and understanding at this time.

As always, if you have any additional concerns or questions please do get in touch.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.



Wednesday, March 18, 2020 | Comments (0)
We write to provide some reassurance to our clients and an update on the measures we are putting in place to ensure service continuity throughout these testing times.

As you will be aware industry regulation requires EMCS have a robust disaster recovery plan in place which covers connectivity, communications infrastructure as well as staffing resource etc. Obviously security restrictions mean that we are unable to share exact detail of these plans with you but please be assured that EMCS provisions exceed that of the industry requirement, we also have our secondary Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which provides dual resistance. Ensuring the health and well-being of our work force is paramount at this challenging time and we have of course also adapted our policy and procedures to ensure that every action possible has been taken to keep them healthy and well.

We would however like to share some of the additional measures we have taken to increase staff well-being and ensure operational function with you:

Meetings - Visitors to the ARC were stopped a few weeks ago and the building will remain closed to non-essential visitors until further notice. Our field staff off site meetings were halted at the beginning of this week. Internal meetings will be taking place via video conferencing.

Communication/Guidance – There are regular communications around personal hygiene and sanitation measures both here at the ARC and outside of the work place, as well as confirmation of symptoms and self-isolation information to all staff, relayed in accordance with Government guidelines. There has been sign posting and links provided to Government and official health care guidelines for all staff around exposure to symptoms, shared households, social distancing and vulnerable people as and when there are updates made to advice given. We have also been monitoring any annual leave plans for all employees in a bid to identify possible risks associated with travel.

Sanitation/Hygiene – We have elevated sanitation levels throughout the business; we have increased the number of hand sanitiser dispensers and antibacterial wipes around the building and we have implemented increased cleansing routines at the beginning and end of shift change overs – We have reorganised our workspaces and teams are now spread out in line with social distancing guidelines and are proactively limiting interaction between staff members and departments. Travel around the building is restricted and where possible dedicated areas of the building have been assigned to specific teams to limit the possibility of cross infection.

Remote Working – Provisions have been put in place for staff who work in functions outside of our operations team to work remotely from home and roll-out has begun with an option to increase this across the workforce when and if appropriate.

Cross Skilling – Members of our work force are being trained and cross skilled in other areas of the business to enable fluidity across departments and ensure that we can be reactive to changing requirements and ensure contingency throughout our operation.

The situation is however fluid so we will continue to keep abreast of the situation, monitoring the advice provided by government and healthcare officials and we will update you of any change to procedure if and when appropriate. Our commitment to you as clients remains unchanged and we will continue to work around the clock to ensure that we can deliver the essential services that yourself and your clients are reliant on.

We thank you for your support at this time and please do feel free to reach out should you have any queries.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

Andrew Barge