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Netport Support
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ACPO / ACPOS Policies
EMCS Connection forms
Technical support helpdesk numbers

Netport Support

Netport: -

The NetPort facility is a secure web-based service platform which allows you 24 hour access to your customer records.

You can check logs, put systems on test, issue remote resets and amend details such as key-holders, all in real time.

Existing Users can log on by clicking here :- 

If you would like more information about Netport or would like to arrange training. Please click the link below to get in touch:-
Netport Requests

Enduser Netport: -

A locked down variation of the Netport system, which allows your customers to view their sites within a sub account of your main account, particularly popular with National accounts who like to be a little more hands on; The system can be jointly branded and the access level tailored to the individual requirements.

Netport Troubleshooting Manual pdf - click here

SmarTest Application

SmartTest: -

The SmarTest facility is a secure web-based application for yourself and your Engineers, which allows 24 hour real time access to your monitored estate. The application enables the user to put systems on and off test, to view event history, check signalling path statuses, verify key-holder information and also to issue remote resets. It also boasts interactive map navigation and interactive telephone number dial features, best of all it is provided and supported completely free!

Existing users can log on here:

Instruction/Troubleshooting manual can be found here


ACPO / ACPOS Policies

Data Protection and Privacy Policy 


EMCS Connection forms

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Technical support helpdesk numbers as follows:

BT Redcare

BT Redcare - 0800 671 240 - 24hr

CSL Dualcom

CSL - 01895 474 444 - 8.30am-6pm


CSL - 01895 474 444 - 8.30am-6pm


Risco - 0161 655 5600 - 8.30-5.30pm


CSL - 01895 474 444 - 8.30am-6pm